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Currently accepting applications for the Spring 2017 semester


500-1000 Word Essay

Submission Deadline: June 1, 2017

Winner Selected: June 20, 2017

Please Note: Submissions for the Emerging Industry Business and Marketing Scholarship for the Spring 2017 semester have now been closed. A winner will be selected and notified by June 20, 2017. Thank you for submitting your entries.

As university graduates ourselves, we know how tough it can be to handle rigorous curriculums and make ends meet at the same time.

So it is our pleasure to offer a $500 scholarship to a student in need of financial assistance.

Our hope is that this scholarship will help contribute to a student’s financial needs so they can better focus on pursuing their academic dreams.

The Emerging Industry Business and Marketing Scholarship


The consumer drone industry is still in its infancy. The innovation is astounding, and it’s an amazing time to be involved.

But it’s also a race to the top for many companies in the industry. Social media has ushered in a new era of transparency. This has spawned companies that are more value-driven than ever.

Many companies are capitalizing on this to move ahead of their less consumer-focused competitors.

This scholarship gives students the opportunity to explore what they would do to capture market share in an emerging industry that’s in a rapid phase of growth.

Submission Details

Submission: Typed essay, 500-1,000 words

Scholarship Amount: $500

# of Winners: 1 per semester

Language: Must be written in English

Submission Deadline: June 1, 2017 for the Spring 2017 semester

Submissions will be reviewed by our staff after June 1, 2017. The scholarship will be awarded by June 20, 2017.

(The award check will be mailed to the school’s financial aid department for pickup.)

Essay Topic:

Imagine you are a business owner or are in charge of a company’s growth. Describe 7 ways you would get ahead in an emerging industry (like the consumer drone industry).

How would you seize market share, diversify yourself, and solidify your position as the industry grows?

Please explain your reasoning behind each answer.

Potential ways include:

– How you would diversify your product or service.

– Types of marketing campaigns you would employ.

– Speed of execution.

– Etc.


– Currently enrolled as a high school senior or college student in the Spring 2017 semester.

– Interested in business, marketing, economics, or a related field. However, any major or focus is permitted to apply for the scholarship.

Submission Steps

Step 1:

Review the submission details and write your 500-1,000 word essay. Please include a title.

Step 2:

Click the button below and submit your essay using the online form by June 1, 2017. Please remember to include your contact details and your financial aid office’s mailing address:

Submit Your Scholarship Application >

How Will a Student Be Chosen?

The scholarship will be awarded to a student who shows originality and creativity in how they would tackle the topic.

Questions? Feel free to contact us via email at [email protected].

Best of luck this semester and thank you for your submissions!

– The DBM Team



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