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10 Best Mini Drones for Sale – 2018 Buyer’s Guide

As drone technology has evolved, we’ve been able to fit more capabilities into smaller and smaller packages. 

We can now squeeze cameras, FPV (first person view) capability, and a bunch of other cool features into these miniature flying machines

If you’ve been looking for a fun little flyer, you’re in the right place. This article reviews 10 of the best mini drones for sale in 2018.

You will find small quadcopters that any pilot can fly and have fun with. These are great drones for building your skills.

Scroll down to start from the beginning, or use the table below to get a high-level look at each drone.

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The Best Mini Drones

1. Cheerson CX-10

The Cheerson CX-10 is the penultimate miniature drone. It’s one of the cheapest quadcopters available and one of the most fun to fly.

At a size of 4.2cm x 4.2cm x 2cm, it’s great for indoor flying. The CX-10 can also handle outdoor flight in moderate winds due to its 3 speed levels.

It can perform 360 degree flips in either direction, and you can buy a propeller guard to protect it during crashes.

For the money, the Cheerson CX-10 makes building your initial pilot skills quite affordable.

2. GoolRC T10 Nano

The GoolRC T10 Nano is one of the least expensive quadcopters you can buy. And it comes with a surprising amount of features.

First off, it is 7.1 x 3.8 x 3.1 inches in size, so it can be flown indoors no problem. It also comes with headless mode, meaning there is no need to adjust the drone’s position before flying. And with One Key Return you can bring the drone back to you with the push of a button.

The T10 Nano can do 360 degree flips in any direction, has two speed settings, and it comes with a 6-axis gyro flight control system to help with stability.

It also makes for an excellent kid’s drone.

3. Hubsan X4 (H107C)

The Hubsan X4 is widely regarded as one of the best drones for beginner pilots.

It’s small enough to fly indoors, but powerful enough to handle moderate wind outdoors. It’s also ridiculously cheap (under $50), as far as drones go.

The X4 is for sale in many versions, but the H107C comes with a camera as its defining feature. It can do 360 degree flips in either direction, and the 6-axis stabilization system helps new pilots get in the air quickly and efficiently.

This quadcopter is a great option for new pilots, and a fun one for more experienced flyers as well.

4. SKEYE Pico Drone

The SKEYE Pico is a great beginner UAV.

It’s small yet powerful enough to handle moderate outdoor winds with its three speed settings. And it offers trim settings, allowing you to re-stabilize the quadcopter mid-flight if it’s off center.

The SKEYE Pico also comes with a camera for taking aerial images, and its controller doubles as a carrying case. It’s an excellent training multirotor.

5. UDI RC U27

The UDI RC U27 is one of the coolest quadcopters in this list.

It’s the biggest one so far at slightly bigger than your palm. This gave UDI more room to add a bigger battery and stronger motors.

And it’s also one of the only drones that offers inverted flight. With “Inverted Mode” you can fly the quadcopter upside down. This makes it a cool gift and a nice sized for pilots new to flying quadcopters.

6. Hubsan X4 (H107L)

The X4 H107L is the second Hubsan quadcopter in this list.

In comparison to the H107C, it does not come with a camera. However, it is the more powerful version and was manufactured to handle a heavier beating. The drone is also a bit more stable.

So if having a camera isn’t a big deal to you, and you want more power and durability, the Hubsan X4 H107L is a reliable choice.

7. Holy Stone HS170 Predator

With 4.5 stars and over 1,500 customer reviews, the Holy Stone HS170 Predator is one of the top rated drones on Amazon.

The headless security system lowers the learning curve so that any level of drone pilot can fly it. It’s also powerful enough to be wind resistant outdoors, yet small enough for safe flight indoors. And it has a high top speed for the daredevils out there.

The HS170 Predator‘s three flight modes also mean that as your skills increase, you can continue training with this quadcopter for an extended period of time before upgrading to a new one.

8. Holy Stone F180C with Camera

The Holy Stone F180C is an awesome little camera drone.

It comes with a 1280×720 pixel photo/video camera standard, and its controller contains an LED screen for viewing flight telemetry data (like battery percentage).

The F180C also has a solid 15-minute flight time to maximize your sessions. It’s small enough to fly indoors, and big/powerful enough to take videos and pictures outdoors.

For less than $100, the F180C is one of my favorite small rigs.

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9. DBPOWER MJX X400W FPV RC Quadcopter

The DBPOWER MJX X400W is a #1 best seller on Amazon, with 4.5 stars and over 200 reviews.

It’s one of the only mini quadcopters with FPV capability. You can connect the drone’s camera to your phone via WiFi and see what your drone sees in real time, via the MJX FPV app. Or you can use your own VR (virtual reality) headset.

The MJX X400W also has a control distance of 100 meters, giving you ample range to get an aerial view of the world around you.

10. Blade Nano QX

The Blade Nano QX is one of the most popular drones available.

It comes with brushed motors that provide a powerful lift, while being smooth enough for newer pilots. The quadcopter also comes with propeller guards standard to help minimize the number of replacement props you may need to buy.

The Blade Nano QX offers two flight modes, Stability and Agility, to switch between depending on your flight preference, and it is priced nicely at under $100.

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