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10 Best Micro Drones & Quadcopters for Sale – 2018 Buyer’s Guide

The saying, “big things come in small packages” has never been more true than with the micro drones that are coming out today.

These days, you can get a cheap micro drone with a camera, first person view (FPV) capability, altitude hold, and much more. (These are features usually only on drones double the price and higher.)

If you’re looking for a fun, inexpensive rig, this article reviews 10 of the best micro drones and quadcopters for sale in 2018. They’re fantastic for having fun and learning how to fly at the same time. You also get to take advantage of some advanced features previously only available on more expensive drones.

Scroll down to start from the beginning, or use the table below to get an overview of each micro quadcopter.

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Table of the Best Micro Drones and Quadcopters



With Camera?


Price Level


Eachine E10C




UDI U839 Nano




Cheerson CX-10




Coolmade FY603 w/ FPV




Syma X12




Cheerson CX-10W w/ FPV




Eachine E010 Mini




Eachine E10WD w/ FPV




Cheerson CX-10C







1. Eachine E10C Nano Quadcopter with 2.0MP Camera

Eachine E10C

Looking to buy a camera micro drone? Have a look at the Eachine E10C.

This guy comes with a 2 megapixel camera, one of the most powerful cameras on any micro quadcopter. The drone also comes with 3 different speed modes, allowing you to increase speed and turn radius as your pilot skills improve.

The E10C can do 360-degree flips in any direction. It comes with LED lights for flying in low light conditions, and the drone has a built-in 6-axis gyro for more stable flying.

If you’re interested in trying out aerial photography, and you want a fun little quad that won’t break the bank, check out the Eachine E10C.

2. UDI U839 Nano

UDI U839

The UDI U839 is one of the best beginner micro drones, mainly because it comes with a propeller guard that surrounds the whole quadcopter. 

This is the most useful feature new pilots can have. It helps protect your drone and the objects around it from braking, and it reduces the number of replacement propellers you might need.

The controller fits snuggly in your hand, and the quadcopter itself is easy to fly. The U839 can do 360-degree flips (all you do is push a button and orient the quad in the direction you want to flip), and at under $30, it’s extremely affordable.

The U839 is a great all-around micro quadcopter.

3. Cheerson CX-10

The Cheerson CX-10 is one of the cheapest micro drones you can buy, and it’s one of the most fun to fly.

Due to its small size, it’s great for indoor flight. Its 3 speed levels also allow the CX-10 to handle flight in moderate outdoor wind conditions.

It can perform 360-degree flips in any direction, and you can buy a propeller guard to protect it from braking or getting damaged during crashes.

For the money, the Cheerson CX-10 makes building your pilot skills affordable and fun.

4. Coolmade FY603 Quadcopter with Wifi Camera FPV

Coolmade FY603
Coolmade FY603 2

We had never seen a drone like this before when we first laid eyes on it.

This is the Coolmade FY603. And it’s a fantastic piece of technology for such a compact drone.

It’s one of the few micro drones with FPV capability. This allows you to get a first person view of what the drone’s camera is seeing in real time. The drone can send a video feed directly to your mobile device (as pictured above).

The quadcopter also comes with altitude hold mode (the drone will hold its altitude so you can focus on the camera), hand launching, and multiple speed modes.

It’s unique propeller guard (the crazy thing surrounding it) isn’t just for design. It’s setup to protect it from almost every angle.

For a drone of this size, the FY603 offers a ton of great features.

5. Syma X12

Syma X12

The X12 is one of the most popular micro drones. It’s manufactured by Syma, one of our favorite manufacturers of consumer drones.

For such a small drone, this quadcopter flies really nicely. And it comes with a strong propeller guard to help the drone bounce off objects and protect its propellers.

The Syma X12 is the perfect size to fly indoors, and it comes with a low voltage warning (the drone lets you know when its battery is getting low). This is great for new flyers to learn about how long the drone’s battery lasts and when it’s time to land safely.

The X12 makes for a solid beginner flyer.

6. Cheerson CX-10W with WiFi FPV Camera

Cheerson CX-10W
Cheerson CX-10W 2

The CX-10W is yet another beast of a micro drone from Cheerson Hobby.

Most notably, this quadcopter comes with Wifi FPV. In other words, you get a live stream of what your drone’s camera is seeing in real time straight to your mobile device. You can also control the drone with your mobile device and adjust a ton of other settings (as pictured above).

Here are some of the settings and data you can control/see:

  • Take a picture
  • Record a video
  • Replay a video
  • Throttle
  • Left/right trim
  • Choose to control the drone by rotating your phone or the regular pitch/yaw controls
  • Gravity sensing
  • Change speed modes
  • Forward/backward trim

It also comes with memory card compatibility to record and save your pictures and videos, and the quad is made even more compact as there’s no need for an extra controller.

The Cheerson CX-10W is one of the most feature-rich micro quadcopters available, and all for under $50.

7. Eachine E010 Mini

EACHINE E010 image

The EACHINE E010 is a fun little drone.

For less than $20, it’s one of the cheapest quadcopters you can buy. It also comes with strong propeller guards built into the frame. This helps reduce the impact of crashes when first getting the hang of the controls.

The E010 comes with One Key Course Reversal — the push of a button causes the quadcopter to return back to you. But our favorite feature is Compass Mode. In this mode, the drone will change directions as you change the direction of the remote control.

For such an inexpensive flying drone, the E010 comes with a nice set of features.

8. Eachine E10WD FPV Drone with Camera

Eachine E10WD

The Eachine E10WD is an awesome micro drone with a camera that comes packed with some amazing features:

  • An on-board camera
  • Ability to store your pictures and videos on your smartphone
  • Wifi FPV (you get a real time first person view of what your camera is seeing sent to your mobile device)
  • The controller comes with a holder for your mobile device for easy viewing
  • Altitude hold mode
  • A built-in propeller guard fully surrounding the drone

Put simply, the E10WD is a fantastic all-around drone rig. You can’t go wrong with it.

9. Cheerson CX-10C with Camera

Cheerson CX-10C image

The Cheerson CX-10C is the upgraded version of the CX-10. This version comes with a built-in camera that can take both photos and videos.

The quadcopter comes with 3 speed modes, so as your skills improve you can bump up the speed and turn radius for more acrobatic flying.

It also comes with a low-battery alarm. This is extremely helpful for flying safely and making sure you land before the battery runs out. The quadcopter comes with LED lights for low light conditions, it can do 360 degree flips in all directions, and you can launch it from your hand.

The CX-10C is a nice little micro drone (and one of the cheapest options with a camera).



The NiGHT LiONS TECH X800S is a hexacopter, meaning it comes with six blades rather than the standard four of a quadcopter. This gives it both added stability and power from its two additional blades.

The drone comes with three-directional roll capability, and it can return back to you with the push of a button. We also like the quadcopter’s sleek design and strong landing gear.

All in all, this is a nice, speedy hexacopter for having fun indoors or out.

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